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Fix Refrigerant Leaks ASAP!

Is your AC taking too long to cool the air? It is likely that your refrigerants are leaking! Although it’s something common for HVAC systems, it can still be pretty alarming. Here are the things that you can do with leaking refrigerants.

What’s the use of refrigerants?

Refrigerants are the blood of your heating and cooling system. As air flows through the coils, the refrigerants absorb heat cooling the air that comes out of your vents. A right amount of refrigerant is installed in your system when you purchase it.

Common Causes and Solutions for Refrigerant Leaks

If you have a newly purchased air conditioning unit, incorrect installation can cause refrigerants to leak. That’s why it’s good to let an HVAC professional do the job.

Another cause of refrigerant leaks is damage in your coils. There are different factors that may cause this to happen. If you are constantly using your HVAC system for some time now, vibrations may cause some parts to wear and break. Even the smallest scratch can cause your refrigerants to leak. Make sure to have a regular maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Exposure to chemicals causes corrosions. These chemicals eat up the metal components of your coils and create small holes which are possible escapes for refrigerants. Although replacing the coils is an option, if the damage is already severe, you might need to replace the entire air conditioning system.

Factory defects can also be a cause of leaking refrigerants. Sadly, most homeowners find out about this after having someone checked the system. Most HVAC companies void warranty when the brand new system is repaired by someone rather than their licensed technicians. Mostly, this problem happens for brand new units 5 to 10 years after installation so keep in touch with the manufacturer’s repair company.

Maintain Refrigerant Level

The right amount of refrigerant is needed to keep the good performance of your air conditioning unit. These are dangerous substances and may bring health issues if you or your loved ones are exposed to them. Letting a professional HVAC technician do the charging and handling of refrigerant issues is the best way to go. And, don’t forget to do preventive maintenance regularly to ensure that your system is in good shape.


Call your local HVAC technician to fix refrigerant leaks ASAP!

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