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Your Spring Plumbing Top 8 Checklist

Your Spring Plumbing Top 8 Checklist

It’s never a good time to experience a busted plumbing system in the middle of the beautiful season of spring. As you shake off the winter blahs and get your home ready for the longer, hotter days, it’s important to include plumbing care on your long to-do list.

Check out this important plumbing checklist to guide you in your spring and summer preparation:

Check the temperature setting on the water heater

Be sure to keep the temperature on the water heater to no higher than 120°. If you have an old, out-dated and malfunctioning water heater, have it checked by a professional team to know if repair or replacement is necessary.

Check the hoses

Bulges, cracks or discoloration can happen in the hoses of the washing machines and dishwashers. Take time to inspect these areas and replace them with steel hoses if necessary.

Check the Toilet Leaks

The easiest way to check if your toilet has leaked is by adding drops of food coloring to the tank water. Check if there are colors that appear in the bowl after 25-30 minutes. If there are, your toilet needs immediate repair due to the presence of leaks.

Clean the showerhead

One of the best things to do in the hot summer months is taking a shower. It’s a sad fact, however, that mineral deposits can accumulate in the showerhead. To remove these unwanted particles, tie a bag of vinegar around your shower head, and soak it overnight.

Maintain drains

For the less often used drains in your home, pouring a gallon of water will prevent dirt from building up and odors from drifting upward and cause big discomfort.

Check for slow leaks

Inspect slow leaks in your water system by recording the reading on your water meter before going to bed. If the meter has recorded usage after checking in the morning, you are dealing with leaks in your water system. Whether it’s big or small, you need to have them repaired immediately.

Check the sump pump

The sump pump keeps the area under the home or building dry and to prevent it from flooding. To check if it’s working properly, slowly pour about 5 gallons of water into its basin.

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