Winter Plumbing Issues Homeowners Experience in Tyler, TX


Most homeowners in the East Texas region are aware that the mid-November to early January is the coldest period of the year. At this time, the weather can become terribly unpleasant, which can cause issues to your plumbing system.

Because your pipes are susceptible to cold, it’s just right to make early preparations to be sure it’s fully functional this winter. Check out these plumbing issues that you may experience during the frosty weather in Tyler, Texas, along with some tips on how to avoid them.

Frozen Pipes

Poorly insulated pipes or those located in non-heated areas are at risk of freezing. A sudden change in water flow during the cold season could be a sign of a frozen pipe. The worst thing about frozen pipes is that they can explode or burst at any time due to a spike of water pressure.

Get your plumbing system checked as soon as possible to protect the pipes from the risk of freezing. If you have frozen pipes, immediately call a professional to properly asses your situation.

Water Pipe Leaks for any season, a leak in your water pipe is never a good thing. Some may view it as a simple issue, but pipe leaks can bring disaster to your home. If left unnoticed, leaks often get larger that leads to flooding. Not to mention, the damage can become very expensive.

Avoid pipe leaks or water line problems by taking preventive measures like installing pressure relief valves. If it’s already leaking, get a professional plumber before it gets worse.

Clogged Drains

This issue might not be about the icy weather, but the events during the holidays. With more cooking and use of water systems, clogged drains have become a common issue for homeowners during the winter. If you notice your sink, toilet, or tub draining very slowly or not at all, this is a clear sign that they are clogged. To prevent this issue, do not put anything that’s not meant to be in the drain.

Water Heater Breakdown

Since the water in the tank must be at a certain temperature level, your water heater will be working harder during the cold months. The most horrible thing that can happen is when your water heater breaks down the moment you need it most.

Several factors that contribute to a water heater breakdown are sediment buildup, corrosive fumes, high water pressure, internal rust, and old age. Be sure to have your water heater checked before the celebration begins.

Septic Tank Burst

Issues with your septic tank can be the most troublesome among plumbing issues once the temperature hits the freezing point. So, make sure to have your septic tank cleaned and inspected before the weather gets severe. If you happen to experience any of the listed issues in your plumbing system, our expert team from Maddox Residential and Commercial Services is always happy to provide the services that you deserve. For further assistance, you can reach us at 903-592-6531.