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Top 5 Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Top 5 Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

We understand if you’ve once attempted to fix your leaking faucet on your own in order to save money. You might be unaware, but failed repairs will cost you more. Apart from DIY repairs, there are other plumbing mistakes that homeowners commonly make. Keep reading!

Overuse of Chemicals

Chemical cleaning products do remove drain clogs. While it is an emergency solution for minor clogging and grime accumulation, it can also harm your pipes after too much use. The chemical reactions can melt inner pipe walls and are more unsafe upon contact in some situations.

Instead of using chemicals, we suggest home remedy solutions, like vinegar and baking soda or a hot water flush.  They are safer and are more efficient for your plumbing systems compared to chemical cleaners.

Overlooking Signs of Plumbing Failures

Once you notice certain warning signs of a plumbing problem, you need to acknowledge it. If you do not take immediate action, chances are small issues will escalate into bigger problems in the long run. Letting small problems slip by may cause extensive plumbing repairs.

Ignoring Maintenance

A regular maintenance will greatly help avoid major plumbing problems.  We highly suggest having a professional inspection at least once a year. Expert technicians have an excellent eye for locating plumbing issues you may not be aware of. Hiring them could save you money in the long run, if they detect a warning sign early.

Careless Drain Use Behaviors

Homeowners often think that their pipes and disposal systems can take anything, not knowing that inadequate treatment of pipes, drains, and garbage can lead to severe damage.

You should know what can and cannot run through your garbage disposal. For example, avoid running fibrous, stringy foods, plastic wrappers, animal bones, and excess fat/grease through your garbage disposal. These agents can harm your disposal’s blades, and oftentimes cause significant buildups within your home’s pipe systems.

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