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Tips On How to Save On Your Heating Bills

Tips On How to Save On Your Heating Bills
One of the many concerns associated with the winter season is high energy bills. This is because you are using your heating system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep your home comfortable. To help you cut down on your heating expenses, here are helpful strategies that you can use. Set your heating environment. You can help warm yourself without relying too much on your heating system. Make a few adjustments on your area by turning on the ceiling fans at its lowest speed. This will push down the warm air gathered in the ceiling. You can also put on sweatshirts, jackets and socks to warm yourself. This way, you can lower the thermostat setting by two degrees without feeling cold. Don’t forget to keep proper insulation in your house. The greatest contributors of high energy bills are drafts and air leakages. Keep your home properly insulated to retain all the needed heat and prevent cold air from getting inside. Try HVAC zoning system in your home. HVAC zoning is a helpful strategy to keep your heating bill low. This allows you to heat only the parts of your home that are occupied. It is like customizing the temperature to increase efficiency. By setting the multiple thermostats installed in specific areas of your home, you can comply with the heating needs of your family based on their schedules and save energy at the same time. Use personal heaters. Personal heaters may include electric heating pads and slippers. This can make you feel warm even if you set the thermostat lower. This can also allow you to spend less on heating the entire house. Invest in smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can learn your schedules and preferences and control the temperature inside your home based on these. It can even detect if you are no longer in the house and automatically adjust the temperature to increase system efficiency. You can also manipulate the setting using your smart phone so you can set your desired temperature when you arrive home. Have your furnace professionally maintained. You can do maintenance checks the DIY way, but make sure to have a professional technician inspect the system at least twice a year. The minor issues that you may have overlooked can turn into major damages if left unsolved. Call the experts at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services if you need help in keeping your heating systems in tip-top shape all year round.

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