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Single Speed Or Variable Speed Furnace Blower: Which One Is Better?

Single Speed Or Variable Speed Furnace Blower: Which One Is Better?

When thinking of buying a new furnace, you have to choose between a furnace with a single-speed or viable-speed blower.  A variable speed blower furnace is basically more expensive than a single speed version. To help you make an educated decision, we will give you a brief comparison of the two furnaces.

Single-Speed Furnace

Also called single stage furnace, a single speed type has only one setting. When turned on, it works at maximum level no matter the outside temperature. Since a single speed furnace operates at full blast, it gives you consistent comfort level.

Variable-Speed Furnace

A variable speed furnace runs at different speeds in order to control the flow of heated air into your home. The best thing about this furnace is that it constantly monitors and adjusts the blower settings to balance airflow, making it a better option than its single-speed counterpart. As a result, it saves you big time on your energy bills. If you’re using a zoning system, using a variable speed blower is a good idea as it allows you to program the thermostat in different settings for different parts of the house.

Why is a variable speed furnace a better choice?

Better Performance

A variable speed furnace provides improved comfort as it resolves temperature swings. This type of furnace is designed with precise comfort technology that automatically monitors and adjusts the heat and airflow from the system.

Improved IAQ

Regardless whether or not the furnace is turned on, the motor can constantly circulates the desired air in your home all day and night long. As a result, more air goes through the filter thus removing more bacteria, mold spores, contaminants, and viruses in there.

Quiet Operation

If you need a quiet furnace, a variable speed type is right for you. It operates mostly on a lower setting, so the required heat is lower which removes the need to run at full blast every time it’s turned on. This model uses sound-proof materials to dampen sound.

Whether you choose a single speed or variable speed furnace blower, talk to our experts at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services.

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