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Heating System Maintenance Jacksonville

Is your heater not working as it should? If it’s too old and don’t get as much upkeep as needed, then maybe it’s time to consider maintenance.

For complete heating system maintenance in Jacksonville, TX, Maddox Residential and Commercial Services is your local service provider to call. We help both commercial and residential customers get their heating systems ready for the cold months during fall and winter.

We understand that these are the times of the year when the weather becomes rather harsh. The last thing you want is to have a broken down heating system with no one able to come and help you fix it.

Benefits of Scheduling Regular Heating System Maintenance

Apart from saving you money, scheduling regular heating system maintenance offers other benefits, such as the following:  

Energy Savings

An efficient heating system in your home translates to energy savings. During a maintenance visit, your technician will perform the following procedures:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Alarm system test
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Airflow test
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Tightening loose connections
  • Many more

Think about it—you’re not just saving money you’re also helping the environment.

Improved Air Quality

Your heating system can get dirty over time and when that happens, the air quality in your home can deteriorate. Staying on top of your system maintenance helps promote quality indoor air for you and your family.

Less Chances of Repair

With regular maintenance, you can spot potential problems before they occur. Hence, your system won’t need repair for some time. During the inspection, your technician may advise you regarding potential repair costs. This will help you prepare for the costs beforehand and find better deals for parts replacement.

Top-Notch Heating System Maintenance Services

When your heater breaks down, your home won’t be that comfortable as you expect. The technicians from Maddox Residential and Commercial Services understand that, which is why we strive to provide the best quality professional maintenance service for your heating system.

Our licensed and certified technicians provide you with the following expert services:

  • Fan belt adjustment
  • Filter inspection and cleaning
  • Filter replacement
  • Electric ignition and pilot system maintenance
  • Measure refrigerant levels
  • Carbon monoxide detection and testing
  • Smoke alarm tests
  • Burner cleaning and maintenance

Save Money with Heating System Maintenance Plans from Maddox!

Remember that your heating system is also subject to wear and tear, just like any other appliance or system running in your home. That is why scheduling regular maintenance and repairs are important to prolong the service life of your heating.

Our technicians at Maddox have the professional experience and expertise to ensure that your system will operate at maximum energy efficiency.

Call us today at 903-592-6531 to schedule a maintenance service.