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Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance


A leaky pipe, clogged drain, and low water pressure are not fun topics to talk about, but let’s be realistic—they can be critically problematic and costly when not fixed immediately.

Luckily, a plumbing maintenance service can help you avoid these issues, and provide you all these amazing benefits in return:

Better Water Pressure

Sometimes, the frustration starts when you open the faucet, and only a single drop comes out of it. Low water pressure happens most likely when the shut-off valve is closed or your faucet itself is blocked.

Regular plumbing repair will ensure that you get better water pressure to take a relaxing shower after a long, tiring day.

Low Water Bill

A plumbing system that is maintained properly and regularly is more efficient than a poorly maintained equipment. Every leak of additional water pressure can cause an increase in your water bills. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you can ultimately keep your water bills low and save some cash each month.

More Savings on Repairs

You may think that maintenance service is just another expense. You’re WRONG! Think of the leaks, water damage, and breakdown—they are literally much more expensive. By scheduling your routine check and maintenance, any potential problems are immediately spotted and prevented long before they double or triple your spending for plumbing repairs.

Improved Home Value

Your home’s value can be improved in different ways, and working on your plumbing system is a good start. When you check and repair your plumbing system regularly, your home’s value can be improved—and it will be reflected in its selling price once you decided to put it in the market someday.   

Longer System Lifespan

Your pipes will surely need a replacement someday, but this might happen so soon when you neglect proper maintenance for it. Remember, rust and corrosion are the causes of sudden leaks and other system issues. Routine plumbing maintenance can leave your system spotless to prevent problems and extend its service life.

Plumbing problems often occur when your system lacks proper inspection and regular maintenance. Avoid costly repairs and keep your plumbing system in good working condition with regular maintenance from Maddox Residential and Commercial Services.Contact us today and we’ll design a plumbing maintenance plan that suits your needs and budget.