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5 Star Residential & Commercial

Each commercial building requires a unique automated technology system. Depending on your business needs and industry, we will provide you a commercial automation solution to give you simple control of your systems.

Integrated Room Control

By integrating all systems in your business, from lights, audio, video, communications and networking, you have an effortless control from a user-friendly touch screen and smartphone.

Lighting Control

If you want to improve the ambiance of your commercial building or you want to make it more comfortable, Maddox can provide you the most innovative and energy-saving lighting control solutions. Have the lights automatically turn off when occupants leave rooms to save on your company bills.

Media Control

Our smart media control solutions give you convenient access to HD videos and audio content from any source. Let Maddox create the perfect media control system to meet your unique needs. It’s high time to ditch the clutter of wall controls and remotes.

Video Conferencing Technology

With our Maddox conference room automation services, we will help you provide the best audio and visual experience to you audience while doing your presentation. Special acoustic systems are installed Take your business into higher level with Maddox commercial automation solutions! Contact Us