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maddox AC Repair Service in Chandler, TX

In a hot climate like in Chandler, TX, staying cool can be expensive as you have to pay high cooling bills monthly. But, with the right tricks and tips from the pros, you can cut your energy bills and save more.

Below are top A/C energy-saving tips to help you out!

5 Ways to Save Money From Your A/C Cooling Costs

You can do several things to reduce your utility bill without ever sacrificing the performance of your A/C unit. Keep reading to learn more.

Schedule a Preventative A/C Maintenance Service

As you depend on your air conditioning unit to keep you cool throughout the warm season, it’s just right to keep at its best performance through maintenance service. You will surely notice how much of a difference it will make in your energy consumption.

Hiring a professional A/C maintenance company in Chandler, TX means that your unit’s essential components will be well-maintained to provide you efficient cooling. Ideally, you should have this service at least once a year.

Invest in New Air Filters

Over time, your A/C filters will accumulate dust, dirt, and debris which will impede proper airflow. When this happens, your A/C unit will have to work harder to cool your home resulting in more energy consumption.

If you want to reduce high energy bills, it’s important to clean or change your A/C’s air filters regularly.

Regulate Your Indoor Temperature Smartly

Many believe that you will save money if you turn your A/C off when no one’s home. However, while it may slightly lessen your cooling expenses, it could cost you more ahead.

Your A/C has two main functions: it cools and dehumidifies your home. If you turn your A/C off, you will have a high indoor humidity level, leading to mold growth. Maintain healthy indoor air quality by leaving your A/C unit on while turning up the temperature 7 to 10 degrees if you’re away.

Utilize Your Thermostat Properly

During the scorching hot summer, many of us adjust the thermostat setting lower than it should. Keep in mind that you will be saving more money whenever your indoor and outdoor temperatures don’t differ that much.

In addition, we also recommend having a programmable thermostat as it can help you save money in the future. Call your trusted A/C maintenance technician in Chandler, TX to get you started.

Make Use of Your Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, all you need is to turn your ceiling fans on to reduce your cooling costs. With the help of ceiling fans, your indoor air circulation will be much more efficient and effective. In addition, this will allow you to set up your thermostat setting for about 3-5 degrees.

Call Us Today! We Provide Dependable A/C Maintenance Services in Chandler, TX

Let us help you save energy and money with your A/C unit! Our professional A/C technicians have earned years of experience in all types of cooling systems, so we guarantee a 100% return on investment when you trust us for the job.

For top-notch A/C maintenance service in Chandler, TX, contact Maddox Residential & Commercial Services at 903-592-6531. We look forward to serving your needs!