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AC Maintenance Jacksonville

Your air conditioner runs at its best when properly maintained. Its efficiency level will improve, and your cooling costs will go down, as well. Consequently, all its components will work efficiently to maintain a balanced and comfortable indoor temperature.

Maddox Residential & Commercial Services provides outstanding A/C maintenance in Jacksonville, TX and the nearby areas. Let us maintain your system before or during the summer, so you can live or work comfortably in your home or office.

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How Often Your Air Conditioner Should Receive A Service?

As the summer inches closer, it is essential that your air conditioner is ready and working in peak condition. One of the best ways to achieve it is to have your equipment regularly maintained and serviced.

Having a professional A/C contractor by your side will ensure your system stays in good shape and your cooling problems are resolved right away.

But the question is, “how often should you get an A/C maintenance service”?

Most HVAC companies advise A/C owners to have their equipment serviced at least once a year. Even if there’s no problem with your air conditioner, it is advised that you get a service for it annually.

As your equipment works, it accumulates dust and dirt on its filter and condensing coils, which decreases its performance and efficiency. Also, other issues may develop, and if they’re not detected earlier, they can cause major trouble and even harm your budget.

When Is the Best Time to Do Your System Maintenance?

The best time to do your A/C maintenance in Jacksonville, TX would be in the spring season when the temperature is mild. Doing so gives you the chance to spot minor to major issues, have them fixed, or decide if a replacement is needed if your unit can’t make it until the end of the summer season.

It is the best thing to do to prepare your equipment, save money, and give your technician ample time to conduct a maintenance check.

What Parts are Commonly Checked During the Maintenance Visits?

While you can request complete AC maintenance in Jacksonville, TX, your technician commonly checks these vital components as part of the service.

  • Motor, Coils, and Blower
  • Refrigerant Level and Pressure Level
  • All Lines and Connections
  • Drain Line
  • Temperature
  • And More!

Your technician can offer you a preventive maintenance plan designed to meet your needs and budget. The plan helps you save money in every visit, and it gives you the privilege to be in front of the line when your system acts up. You can receive priority service and scheduled reminders when the maintenance is near its due date.

Call Maddox for All Your A/C Maintenance Needs!

Early A/C maintenance will ensure that your home or office is ready for whatever weather extremes a summer can bring. When you need help with this matter, we are here to the rescue!

Call Maddox Residential & Commercial Services at 903-592-6531 for complete A/C maintenance in Jacksonville, TX and surrounding communities.