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AC Installation Service In Athens, TX

It is important to consider how powerful your cooling system needs to be for you to get the most out of it. If you have an oversized A/C unit, your system is likely to experience short cycles. With frequent short cycling, your air conditioner may not last longer than its expected lifespan.

Meanwhile, if you have an undersized A/C unit, your cooling equipment will find it hard to cool your space effectively. That is why it is vital to get the right A/C size.

5 Factors to Consider in Selecting The Right A/C

Here are things to consider when looking for the right air conditioner for your space:  

Is your room properly insulated?

The amount of heat you let in or out of your house will significantly influence the size of the A/C unit you should have. Your home insulation is affected by:

  • Construction materials (ex. double brick, new builds)
  • Installation of insulation supplies
  • Window coverings or blinds
  • Selection of floors
  • Gaps within floors and doors

Typically, each room differs, but the better insulated the room is, the faster and effective it can get cold.

Is your room facing the sun?

If your room is directly hit by the sun, it can get a bit hard for the A/C unit to cool the space. When this happens, you will have to compensate by getting a more powerful A/C unit. Take note of this consideration when deciding what size of A/C unit you should get.

What kind of window cover do you have?

There are several types of window coverings, such as curtains, blinds, and shutters, which serve the great purpose of keeping the heat out during summer. To make it easier, the more effective your window coverings are, the less your A/C unit will have to work to cool your space.

The size and amount of your windows matter.

The size and amount of your windows will also influence the right A/C size you should have. Your A/C unit will have to work twice harder to cool your room if you have a bigger and plenty window installed in your home.

To get an accurate assessment, we highly suggest contacting your trusted A/C installation contractor in Athens, TX to address your problem.

Do not overlook the height of your ceilings.

The last vital consideration is the volume of the place. The floor space and the ceiling height often help identify the right A/C unit size.

If your home has a high ceiling, then the volume of your room will also increase, which means they need larger cooling equipment. If you opt to get an undersized A/C unit, it will not cool your space effectively and efficiently.

Ask an Industry Leader Today! We Offer Reliable A/C Installation Services in Athens, TX

We at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services have been servicing East Texas since 1932. We are known as the go-to experts for providing residential and commercial HVAC services in Athens, TX, and its nearby areas. We make sure to exceed every expectation you have.

We provide quick and hassle-free A/C installation services in Athens, TX. Give Maddox Residential & Commercial Services a call at 903-592-6531.