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5 Things to Clean After the Holidays

5 Things to Clean After the Holidays

While the holidays are about enjoying quality time with your family and friends, what’s left of it can be a real drag. For East Texas homeowners, cleaning after the holidays is a bit challenging, especially when all the hustle and bustle has taken its toll.

Here are five things you must tidy up in your home after the holidays:


If you find your fridge overburdened by holiday leftovers, you might need to do some cleaning. Check labels and containers for expiration dates. Dispose of anything that might have gone bad. Re-arrange the fridge contents, possibly by the expiration date. Lastly, clean the racks, compartments, and interior of your fridge to keep it fresh looking.


Getting rid of oil stains, grease, spills, and grime on the oven can be troublesome. But, let us provide you with a practical way to deal with it! Re-heating your oven at just the right temperature to melt the burnt dirt. Afterward, turn it off and wipe the dirt off with a clean cloth.

Remember to do this with caution, and do not do anything forcibly that might damage your oven. Consider professional help if you are not sure how to clean it yourself.


With lots of people coming in and out of your home, carpets are vulnerable to holiday stains from foods, drink spills, and other sticky treats. Because of this, you might want to deep clean your carpets and wash away any nasty stains that have settled into the fibers.


Who doesn’t want to cuddle with comfy fabrics or covers? Like the carpets, your upholstery and sofas might have taken on so much dirt during the holidays. We recommend treating the stains as soon as possible. Schedule a deep cleaning service after the holidays and make your upholstery and furniture looking as good as new.


After you’re finished cleaning other areas at home, it’s time to sanitize your bathroom! Deep cleaning after the holidays is needed to get it back to a sparkling condition because basic cleaning tasks won’t be enough. Spend time on areas around the base of taps, shower curtains and floors, and plug holes to eliminate the deep-sitted dirt.

Thoughtful gifts and fun memories are not the only things that guests leave behind in your home after the holidays. The holiday season also leaves a pile of dirt that you need to eliminate.

From everyone at Maddox, we wish you a New Year filled with happiness. For all your comfort needs, even during holidays, we’re always ready to help. Call us anytime at 903-592-6531.

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