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5 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

5 Benefits of Smart Home Technology
Do you want everything at home accessible with a tap on your smartphone? A high-tech makeover for your home is all you need! Smart home technology offers you greater comfort, savings, convenience and accessibility better than what you expect. Investing in a smart home system helps you enjoy these tremendous benefits:
  1. Maximized Home Security
Smart home devices come with built-in auto turn-offs, Wi-Fi connectivity, and notification systems. Incorporating these with the home’s surveillance and security devices allows every homeowner to detect and respond to the unexpected and suspicious events quickly. You can explore some great options for home automation systems such as surveillance cameras, moisture monitoring devices, automated door locks and more.
  1. Reduced Energy Bill
Want to make your utility bill cheaper? Smart home technology offers both convenience and energy efficiency for greater comfort in your space. It allows you to program the thermostat, lighting and other devices based on your preferred settings. Switching off the lights and adjusting your heating and cooling systems become a lot easier while getting great savings on your electric bill for about 10 to 30%.
  1. Insured Benefits of Insurance
If you are aware of American Family Insurance, you surely would want to invest in smart devices for your home because of its security benefits. AFI offers up to 5% discount on homeowners insurance particularly to tech-savvy folks using qualified smart technology and systems. Once you qualify for a smart home discount, you can take advantage of countless benefits.
  1. Accessibility
Switch off lights, adjust the thermostat, turn on carbon monoxide detectors and lock the door in just one tap. With smart devices present at home, you have access to everything at the tip of your fingers. Even doing basic tasks like watering the lawn is in full control of your fingertip. It can significantly increase your quality of life and eliminate unnecessary stress on a daily basis.
  1. Enhanced Appliance Functionality
Did you know that smart home technology can improve your appliance’s efficiency and performance? Smart devices help your appliances to run better than its normal frequency. Your smart TV can find more channels and apps. You can cook anything you want without worrying about undercooking or overcooking it. Connecting your appliances with smart systems creates a more enjoyable and comfortable everyday activity at home. Are you interested in learning more about smart home technology? Reach us at Maddox Residential and Commercial Services for a free consultation. Our experts are here to address your concerns.

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