3 Main Factors In Winter Energy Costs

3 Main Factors In Winter Energy Costs

The temperature gets colder as days pass and as you run your heating system, the energy you consumed will eventually reflect in your monthly energy bill. Should you worry about this? Yes of course, but by checking out these three main factors in winter energy costs, you can definitely make ways to save money this season.

  1. Heat Loss

You should know that heat loss is dollar loss. Be sure that your home is working for you especially since the cold spell is starting. No matter how effective your unit is in providing warm air and if your home is allowing the heated air to escape through the leaks and drafts, you will not be able to get the savings you want. As a result, your heating bill increases tremendously in the entire cold months. Where does heat loss normally happen?

  • Windows and Doors. If you have an old and badly leaking doors and windows, have them replaced in the early days of fall. For newer ones, be sure to use reinforced window stripping to prevent drafts and keep windows and doors tightly sealed. You can also make use of window coverings.
  • Attic. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that they are losing a lot of cash in the attic due to heat loss. Check and improve the attic insulation to keep the air inside.
  1. Climate Comfort

It is not only the temperature outside that can make you feel cooler in the fall and winter seasons. Dry air inside your home can also increase your dependence on your heating systems, thus increasing your energy bill. To prevent dry air, you have to keep the humidity at the right level and installing a humidifier is the best way to do that. Aside from the added warmth, it can also fight seasonal flu and other health-related issues.

  1. System Efficiency

Inefficient heating systems consume a greater amount of energy in their operation. Is your unit more than 15 years now and it needs constant repair? Do you schedule a regular maintenance service to keep your unit’s proper operation? Old units are less efficient while newer devices without regular maintenance are great energy hogs in your home.

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