Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Furnace Repair Expert

One of the frustrating parts of home ownership is the need for a furnace repair. First, your unit has gone bad in the middle of a chilly winter night. Second, you need to look for an HVAC repair specialist from a sea of options. Here are helpful tips for choosing the right furnace repair specialist.

Do your homework.

Familiarize yourself with your furnace- its type, brand, model and maintenance history. Know if there are rooms in your home that you are uncomfortable in to feel the degree of the problem. Knowing your unit can make you confident in doing DIY fixes later, but always bring in a professional for more serious issues.

Ask around.

Chances are you have a friend or family members who recently had a first-hand experience with an HVAC specialist in your area. If you fail to get leads, browse online and check unbiased review websites. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau if there are previous complaints charged against a particular company or technician.

Look into experience.

Ask about the experience of your prospective contractor by doing an interview or checking their website. Know their areas of special expertise and ask if there are particular products that they install, repair or service. Be sure to choose a technician who undergoes continuing education to keep up with the latest in the HVAC industry.

Verify license and insurance.

Ask your potential furnace repair company for their business license and insurance. Be sure that they have proofs of liability and worker’s compensation insurance information. Otherwise, you can be held liable for any possible accidents on your property. Finally, verify if the company complies with health and safety standards.

Learn about financing.

Major HVAC repair service may call for incremental deposit or payment, which can be a financial hassle on your part. Be sure to read the fine print before you sign anything. Know whether or not you can afford the payments. Also, check with the company if they offer financing options.

Choosing the right furnace specialist can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Be guided by these helpful tips from Maddox Residential and Commercial Services.

Beware Of These Common HVAC Scams

One of the most frustrating winter moments for homeowners is when the furnace died in the middle of a cold night. Normally, you would call an HVAC pro right away. But don’t let your immediate comfort needs fool you. Beware of these common HVAC scams.

High-pressure Selling

If you notice that the company gets very pushy, you better be careful. Such contractors insist their customers hard to buy products that are necessarily needed I the first place. Don’t let these dishonest contractors play a trick on you. Get a second or third opinion from an expert contractor you know and trust.

Offers That Are Too Good To Be True

Just because a contractor has an extremely lucrative offer for you does not mean you have to settle for it. If you notice that the discount is too good to be true, then it could either be one of these two. It has poor quality or it’s a scam. What you can do is to ask for written contract.

Getting Your Money Before Doing The Job

An honest HVAC company won’t ask for payment before doing the job. Be vigilant if the contractor asks for the payment upfront. This could be an indication that they are more than after your money, rather than taking care of your comfort needs.

Insisting On System Replacement

If the contractor insists you to replace your unit completely, without showing you an evident proof, then he’s being sneaky. Although it’s normal for some HVAC components to go bad, it does not mean that the entire unit has to be replaced. You should talk to a trusted contractor in your local area when to replace your heating or cooling unit.

Don’t fall for these scary scams. Be a vigilant customer and do your homework when choosing a heating and cooling company.